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In case anyone wants these

I think I'm feeling better now... thanks Nicole. :) 
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upload bluegy อัพโหลด รูป file เพลง   upload bluegy อัพโหลด รูป file เพลง   upload bluegy อัพโหลด รูป file เพลง   

the rest is hereCollapse )

 Texture credit :   texturize and others that aren't mentioned. :D

OMG how I adore you, EM.

This shit is so damn funny.
I've never thought that he could have a really much good sense of humor.
I never think he's 37 either -..-)
I like the new Em and uh he's cuteeeeee. xD

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and yay Liverpool won again!!! think I should celebrate. ;)


Happy Birthday to my favorite guy

Finally you turn sweet 25 today. Just beautiful, so beautiful.
I wish you the best. :)

P.S. I love you forever and today

What the --- ?

I know I've got loads of work now but I can't stop thinking about it.
I'm not supposed to think about 2 Daniels.
One who's a football player who I've been falling for for ages
and one who's my school's exchange student who has time left here, before he goes back to Germany, only 4 months.


Why they've gotta have the same name?

Moreover, why the hell they've gotta have the same birthday?

Daniels, you two are killing me!!! ;( ;( ;( ;(


After today I think I ain't gonna want to leave my town any more.
I love the new shopping mall which opened today!
like it!
love it!
loads of Japanese food here and I could barely choose which one to eat.
I went around the mall almost the entire day and my body aches.
tomorrow I still plan to go there again :D


It's fun to draw this

Can you figure out who are they, on your left and right?
i tried my best though :)
after i did this i thought i was like a sucker for painting ><

alright, they're Danny and Nando


First LJ post?

I've been thinking about starting this LJ, finally I created.
lots to know about using it but somehow I'd try to.
*★ .•°•.°´¯)*¤°•★ •:*´¨`*:•.☆